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Ballistics test 45
Test Media; Beef Shoulder aprox 8 to 9 inches of soft Tissue and Bone, wrapped in medium weight denim material.
Firearm used;
Colt Series 70 Mark 4, 5 inch Barrel

Distance fired from 15ft

Ammunition tested, .45 ACP
Top row, left to right


Federal HST 230gr +P, performed perfectly, full expansion (.59) and 99% weight retention.

Hornady Critical Duty 220gr , Performed Perfectly, full expansion (.61) and 99% weight retention.

Winchester Ranger 230gr, Once again perfect performance, Expansion to (.52) 98% weight retention.

Bottom row , left to right
Hornady Critical Defense 185gr, Expansion to (.47) 75% weight retention (Did not exit soft tissue, lodged in the fat)

Dynamite Research Technologies 150gr EXP, Failure did not expand.100% weight retention, Hollow point area filled with denim material and exited tissue with terminal velocity..Not recommended

Speer Gold Dot 230gr, This round hit the shoulder bone center and square, the wound channel was massive and shattered the beef leg bone, and the bullet disintegrated and did not exit soft tissue, recovered weight from the three largest pieces totaled 192.3gr,so the weight retention was still very good, as far as my personal opinion this is still a great carry round for the .45ACP platform.

My choice is still the Federal HST and the Hornady Critical Duty as my carry ammo.

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