Defensive Solutions - Are You Ready??

Basic Defensive Handgun
(This is our most Popular class for Tx CHL Holders)

Concealed Handgun Training
This class is a entry level Defensive class that will teach needed skill sets that include proper techniques for drawing from a holster and situational safety, tactical sight alignment, and target acquisition.

This is a great class if you have the basics and want to improve your accuracy and confidence to shoot well in a pressure situation; or you haven't been practicing on a regular basis or you want to practice double and triple taps, which are not allowed at most ranges.

Emphasis is placed on improving the shooter's ability to make rapid multiple shots on both single and multiple targets at varying distances. Many of these practical and varied exercises can't be practiced at any range, so we can add variety and fun to your practice sessions. This class will introduce you to the world of Shoot and move, and multiple threat situations.
We Will Cover;

*Drawing from Concealment
*First Grip/Final Grip
* Fast sight acquisition
* Point and Shoot
* Single and Multiple shots
* Threat assessment
* Different shooting positions
* Multiple target shooting
* Real life situations

Tuition:$75.00          Hours: 3 hour class            
What You Need to Bring
Quality Firearm
2 Mags or Speed-loaders
100 rounds of ammo
Prescription glasses or shooting glasses are required, along with hearing protection.
Eye and ear protection will be provided at no charge if needed.

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