Defensive Solutions - Are You Ready??
"Advanced" Defensive Handgun
(TX CHL Required)
Group class or One on One with Instructor
by appointment available
Advanced Shooting
After completing the Level 2 Handgun Class, you can progress to this specialized level of instruction. This course emphasizes state-of-the-art tactical responses to self-defense in the real world and common public areas. Taught are tactical principles, offensive and defensive plans, basic of weapons retention, environmental awareness and tactical prevention, establishment of safe zones, communication techniques, searching techniques and crisis management. You will become aware of how street crimes and terrorist acts are committed, so you can hopefully spot and avoid some common crimes. Shooting drills require decision making, including shoot/no shoot decisions. The student's mental and mechanical skills are challenged in this class. You will have multiple opportunities to practice a variety of tactical responses under the stress of simulated encounters, this is a fast paced class.
Tuition:$ 199.00 Hours: 5 hour class,
2 hours classroom, 3 hour range
Limited to 4 Students per Class

What You Need to Bring;
Quality handgun, holster, speed loaders/2 magazines with belt pouch, flash light and belt, 300 rounds of ammo, no re-loads. 
 Prepare to get dirty!
Protection:Prescription glasses, sun or shooting glasses are required, along with hearing protection. Eye and ear protection will be provided at no charge if needed.

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