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Dear Fellow Gun Owner

Dear gun owner:
After the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre,  Gun Owners , like most Americans,were praying for the people of Sandy Hook. We mourned for those families whose children were killed, wounded, and terrified at the massacre that took place. We wondered how many more senseless tragedies would have to happen before the American people demanded an honest and open debate to find real solutions for preventing such violent outbursts against our children.

Instead of rising to the challenge of preventing such tragedies, Obama and the gun grabbers in Congress put their own political agendas ahead of the safety ofour most vulnerable citizens: our children. There's a new variable that has given rise to these horrific killing sprees in our schools: "gun-free zones." It is not guns in the hands of law-abiding citizens that have begun a series of schoolyard massacres. Law-abiding CCW/CHL holders don't bring their guns to "gun-free zones." It's no coincidence that the news headlines aren't filled with stories of gun massacres happening in places where citizens are free to choose to arm themselves.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo said on the front page of the New York Times that "confiscation" of firearms could be an option. Of course, to confiscate our firearms, our governments needs to know who has them. That is why the Obama Administration and the federal government is scheming to create a national registration list of every gun owner in the country: a universal background check on every firearms transaction, even between family members!Combine that with the Obama Administration allowing the AFT to ramp up its unlawful assault on gun dealers, in which, by using threats and intimidation,they are illegally copying as many of the gun registration forms (4473s) as they can get their hands on. Of course, establishing a national database of law-abiding gun owners is strictly prohibited under the McClure-Volkmer law,which is why we need the Congress to act - and act swiftly - before this gun grabbing scheme goes any further!

If you are wondering why I are so adamant in opposing a federal registry of law-abiding gun owners, I urge you to ask the survivors and refugees from those countries where such laws were imposed. Then, read the remarks of our Founding Fathers, who placed our gun rights second only to freedom of religion in our Bill of Rights.

Our right to keep and bear arms is what prevents our leaders from becoming tyrants. Thanks to our biased media and a faltering education system, Americans have forgotten why we fought the Revolution and have chosen security and servitude over freedom and responsibility. That is why, when politicians ask us why we would possibly need large capacity magazines or "assault type weapons," we know they are either ignorant of our U.S. Constitution and American history - or they know exactly what they are doing in assaulting our liberties. We are faced with a challenging time in our country, we are already at war on paper, this administration will test our resolve many times in the next 3 years.

Stand Strong!

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